Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Issue of Storage

Houses built in the early- to mid-1900s have something missing in them that today's houses have.  Storage. Unlike us "modern" Americans who feel the need to surround ourselves with stuff, previous generations made do with the necessities.  They didn't need houses that had equal living/storage square footage.  Blair and I take pride in the fact that we are not "stuff" people.  However, as I've been rearranging and remodeling the house, I've noticed that for people who don't have much stuff, we have ALOT of stuff!  And very little storage.  We have no attic and no basement.  As for closets, we have two "double door" clothing closets, two "single door" closets (one of which is a coat closet in the hall), and two small bathroom closets.

                                                           Look at all of that wasted space!

 Here is my solution to the problem:

                     Super-sexy plastic storage tubs.  Just like any college student married person with a child, right?

Not very attractive, right?  We plan on putting a larger storage building out back one day, which will help some, but in the meantime, I'm stuck looking at all of my "stuff".  So, I have begun going through it, one box/one closet at a time, and getting rid some of the mountains piles.  To further add to our dilemma, we live in a three-bedroom house.  The room pictured above will one day need to be used as another bedroom.  Where in the world am I going to put all of that?

I am an organization junkie.  If it can be organized, I'm there.  I like neatness (despite what my parents may tell you).  Now, I'm not as OCD about it as my brother, but I do like a neatly-ordered shelving unit. So, I have put myself to the task of finding the best way to organize the shelves I currently have.  Which, sadly for Blair, means he will once again never know where anything is.  Ahem...

I have also set myself to the massive task of working through my incredible yarn and fabric junkpile stash.  I have a good start on this as I am making twelve hats for my mother's Operation Christmas Child boxes.  But, come on people, there's a great deal more there.  I have yet to decide what to do with the rest of yarn and fabric.  Which is probably why I have so much sitting around to begin with.


  1. Despite my OCD, you should see my desk at home... I need more book storage as a Master's student. Karen does not like my corner of the apartment. Maybe you should have a yard sale before it gets too cold. Works faster than taking everything to a consignment store, although it means more work upfront.

  2. We had the same issue in our current house. Spent a little bit of money buying closetmaid wire shelving that we had cut to size. Has made a huge difference!

  3. Your spare bedroom/office looks like my scrapbooking room! HA! You ARE your mother's daughter, after all...

  4. Good for you! My advice - Stay on top of keeping it gleaned, too, Rachel. Because somehow it self-perpetuates and multiplies... I have 6, yes, 6 outbuildings *ashamed-face* and would like to have one more huge one... But my daughter fusses at me now about having storage buildings for the overflow of my storage buildings! And yet, I can think about things I once had and sometimes wish I still did -
    so I'm really not one to be handing out any advice... ;-/ I am loving your blog, though, bunches!