Tuesday, October 2, 2012



This pregnancy has been so different from the one I had with Noah.  I know that they are all different, but this one has had so much mandatory rest.  I don't do that well.  Fortunately, autumn is here to the rescue, and with it has come cool rains and the need to stay in.  We're filling our days with crafts, pumpkin songs, reading, and knitting.  Knitting lace is the most restful of all knitting I do believe.    The rhythm of the pattern much like a song, the counting that busies the brain.  Unfortunately, I jumped into this scarf with the impression that I had all the yarn needed without actually putting much thought into it (rest may very well be my mental detriment).  Since I bought it five years ago, I'm sure I won't find any more of it.  


However, as we snuggle and drink hot chocolate (thinking of the much cooler days to come), I'm doing my best to enjoy this time alone with my sweet boy before our next little one gets here, because there's nothing else quite like a little boy looking up at you and saying, "I had a good day!".  And I do believe that that sweet new baby will need some mama-made hand knits (winter babies always do), so I'd better get busy on that as well.  

Busy resting. 

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  1. Yes, enjoy the quiet days with the one, because it gets busier with the two...and you'll find you won't have much alone-time with Sweet Boy in a few months.