Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Wake a Baby in 10 Easy Steps

Not that you would ever want to, but here are my top 10 ways to wake a sleeping baby:

10.  Congratulate yourself on how well your baby sleeps.

9.   Go to the bathroom.

8.  Lay down to take a nap.

7.  Make an important phone call.

6.  Think about making supper.

5.  Get to a really suspenseful part of a great book.

4.  Take a shower.

3.  Fix yourself some lunch, especially a hot one.  Then, and this is really important, sit down to eat it.

2.  Tell your older child you have time to sit and read a book.

1.  Make sure you leave your friendly neighborhood three-year-old alone in a room with a recorder.  He will compose and perform excellent solo recorder repertoire, mostly consisting of one high and frequently repeated note. 


  1. This is too funny! Surely you don't speak from experience...

  2. I can laugh at this...I've already lived through it...HA!