Monday, November 28, 2011

Fa la la la la!

Thanksgiving break is over, which means Mr. Chadwick is back at school and I'm left at home to my own devices.  Translated, this means on Mondays and Wednesdays I have about 5 hours of free time while Little Man is at school in the morning and taking an afternoon nap.  With no holiday meal to prepare and a dreary day outside, I set about to finish our Christmas decorations.  I wanted to start with a project I've been planning for several weeks.  My in-laws live in the old farmhouse where my father-in-law grew up.  It was full of old windows, and one of the screened windows upstairs was removed to put in an air conditioner.  I requested use of said framed window screen.  They obliged.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, but since we hosted Thanksgiving last week, I just didn't have time to begin the project.  I had started collecting the things I'd need for it, however, over the last couple of weeks.  After laying Little Man down for his nap, I dragged my stuff outside to begin cleaning the frame.  It had been in an upstairs window for years with the upstairs going unused for much of that recent time.  The paint was badly chipped and loose, and it had a good bit of dirt on it.  I scraped the loose paint, cut out the screen, and wiped it down with a damp rag.  After I deemed it clean enough to enter my house, I brought it into the den and put 11 tiny cup hooks into it.  From these hooks I hung at varying lengths some of my Mimi Gilliam's vintage Shiny Bright ornaments.  I really wanted to put the frame on our mantle in the den, but the frame is about an inch-and-a-half too tall.  I couldn't find a place in the Great Room where I would like it, so I decided to take down the rolled paper wreath next to the bookcases in the den and hang it there. 

 I really like the rolled paper wreath, so I wanted to make sure it stayed on the wall somewhere.  I hmmmed and hawed over it for a while before finally settling on the space between the couch and the mantle.   However, we have a shelf centered on that wall, and I'd rather stand on my head for an hour than have the decor not be symmetrical.  So, now I need to make another rolled paper wreath to even it out.  

I will probably leave the window frame in place after the Christmas season is over and place something seasonal in it for the rest of the winter, changing and updating it with each passing season.  

At some point, I may decide to put some glass in it and use it for a picture frame.  That is yet to be determined.  I'm sure that in looking at it, you will think it is upside down.  After all, I have the largest "rectangle" on top.  I assure you this is intentional.  I want to cut some greenery and place it across the center beam, so if you have some laying around your yard, feel free to holla and I'll be there in a jiffy to snip snip and bring it home.

Next up, finishing my mantle.  I'm a little overwhelmed and wishy-washy about what to do with it, so it may be a few days before that happens.  

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  1. I never would have thought of hanging those ornaments like that...creative use of EVERYTHING! By the way, when you come to my house on Saturday, feel free to trim greenery from the cedars if you want some. You know where the yard clippers are.