Monday, September 17, 2012


At 20 weeks (and half-way!) into this pregnancy, I am beginning to feel my nesting instinct kick in. Hence the reason I spent 15 minutes Friday afternoon during nap time moving furniture around the house.  

I moved the rocking chair out of this setup and into the nursery.  The still-full-of-stuff-we-don't-know-where-to-put nursery.  It's rather crowded and cluttered in there.  I will not be showing you a picture of that.  It's more of a "before and after" kind of post.

So, picture with me.  In the place where that brown chair is, a chaise.  A nice one.  Move the brown chair back over where it came from, move the end table out, and put a round ottoman between the brown chair and the sofa.  I promise there really is room for all of that there.  I just moved everything closer together so it would feel more "intimate" and less empty.  It really just needs a rug.

Hopefully, we will have a yard sale this weekend, and I plan on painting the nursery at the beginning of next month.  Then, with the junk gone and the walls painted, I can give you a proper nursery tour (without revealing the baby's gender, of course).  Until then, think of this as my pre-nursery, filler post.

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  1. is the yard still on? I hope you have as pretty a day as the one we are having today!