Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Odds and Ends

Odds and ends of things.  That's what we've been working on here.  Blair has a couple of carpentry projects going on outside that he'll be sharing with you here in a few days.  In the house, we've been making things look bigger and brighter, not only with all that fresh paint (here and here), but also by removing a few things.

We took down the door to the hall.  It really wasn't a necessary door to begin with, and with our super cool magnetic wall it was completely in the way.  Down comes the door!

This whole space feels so much larger and more open now!

I put the finishing touches on the front bathroom by adding some curtains.  I used two white flour sack kitchen towels I bought back in November for $1 a piece.  Because they're white, they actually make the room brighter.  It gives a very nice look for basically nothing, with the added benefit of privacy without the blinds.

Speaking of blinds, one of the biggest changes we made in the house was taking most of them down.  The mini blinds we have are really nice wooden slat blinds (custom made for each window), but blinds nonetheless.  I've never been a fan of the mini blind aesthetic (not to mention that having to clean them is a pain).

Oh, and check out my new pendant light!!  Blair got it for me for Valentine's Day, and I love it love it!  It uses one of those really cool Edison bulbs, and I kept meaning to show it off here, and it just didn't happen.

The art wall has seen some rotation.

A quilt is being made.

A certain little boy has learned how to use this!

And a baby gets bigger every day!!

What odds and ends are tying up at your house?  Are you doing any Spring Cleaning?


  1. No spring cleaning here, just daily Murray maintenance. But I love all the new things at your house - especially Little Man and Miss Katy Bird!!! The bathroom curtains are those! You are quickly acquiring a cottage look in a ranch house - clever and so neat & cute!!!

    1. Just you wait until we get done with the Great Room. Built-ins and....Bead board wainscoting around the entire space!

  2. We just got back home yesterday after a week away... and while I'm away, I come up with all kinds of terrific home projects, even including spring cleaning. This morning, where did all that motivation go? I don't have a Murray, I do have a retired husband, though... Ha!;-)

  3. You have such a darling family and home - all's missing is the white picket fence!:-)

    1. Thank you! We've actually considered the picket fence...