Monday, January 9, 2012


There's now more of it!!  Mr. Handyman and I spent Saturday installing closet systems.  If you recall from this post that was one of the items around the house we wanted to accomplish this year, and despite having some major (and painful) dental work done just two days earlier, my darling did the work anyway.  He's a real-life He-Man, I tell ya.  We got two systems at a major discount from Lowe's, and they went into Little Man's closet and the one in our room.  

 Please ignore the sweet potatoes off to the side.

Our room before:

Little Man's room before:

Measuring and leveling.  Please do make sure you use a level.  The last thing you want is all of your clothes falling in the floor because your rods and shelves are installed at an incline.

Mid-work clutter:

Little Man's after:

Our room after:

 Yes, I do have canned produce in the floor of my closet.  Don't you?

It is amazing how much more storage space there is with just this one little change.  We do still want to get the attractive storage boxes that are sold to go with the shelves, but those can wait for now.  Mr. Chadwick did a great job of getting all of the support rods in place.  The most difficult part of the process was for me to decide where to put the shelves and hanging rods.  I was able to hang all of those myself, and since no one else in the house really cares where things like that are put, they were most agreeable about the finished products.  It's not even the middle of January yet, and we're already getting things checked off our list.  Here's to a productive and organized year!!


  1. Wow! those systems make a BIG difference! Good for Blair & you!!! And to checking things off lists :)