Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And for next year...

We've been quite busy this year decorating and remodeling our first house.  I thought I'd share with you a list of things we would still like to by room.  Now, please do keep in mind that we are NOT planning on doing all of this in 2012.  Just the few little things in bold:

Paint fireplace
Paint the walls
Add trim under the mantel
Get a larger mirror for above the fireplace
Bamboo shades for all three windows
Get nicer switch plates
New flooring
Get a wood burning insert for fireplace

Paint walls
Put up a backsplash
Paint cabinets
New switch plates
New dishwasher
New light fixture
New stove
New fridge
New sink light

Great Room:
Install board and batten
Install quarter round
New switch plates
Living room rug
Coffee table
Two end tables
Two lamps
Get an arm chair
Bamboo shades for all windows
New front door
New curtains
Picture frames
New dining room light fixture
Dining room rug
Baby grand piano (hey, a girl can dream)
New dining set
Built-in cabinets in dining room

Back Hall:
Install quarter round
New light fixture
New switch plate

Little Man's Room:
Install quarter round
Closet system
New switch plates

Master Bedroom:
Closet system
New switch plates
New light fixture
Chest of drawers
New mattress set

Install quarter round
New light fixture
New switch plates

Guest Bath:
Convert fuse boxes to breaker and move to utility room (give us about 5 years on this one)
Install shower

Front Porch:
Get a porch swing
Get a bench
Remove Carpet

Over-zealous?  Perhaps.  Over-whelming?  Not really.  Oh, how I do love a list!  It helps keep me on track to get everything accomplished while letting me know exactly where I am.  And this way, all of you can join with me in watching everything get crossed off.  Here's to a busy, but lovely, 2012.


  1. Wow, you will be busy! I have a house list, too. I'm hoping this year will be a good year for crossing things off. Next on my list is getting the dining nook painted red and installing the food photographs that I purchased for above the windows. Can't wait to get that done!

  2. I anticipate lots of future "What Matthew Wouldn't Do" posts this coming year. But I'm all for them, since they always turn out well in the end. ^_^

    I've been so impressed by how much you've gotten done on your house! It really looks like such a cozy place.

  3. I love a list, too! Yours is more ambitious than mine, though.

    AnnMarie, you should visit Rachel while you're home.