Monday, March 12, 2012


I think I've mentioned before this tiny little website called Pinterest.  Why, yes, yes I have.  As a matter of fact, I have several posts dedicated to things I have made or cooked or mildly considered doing based on photos from Pinterest.  While talking to a friend last week I heard myself declare that I spend three hours a day on Pinterest.  What?  Three hours a day?  Sometimes (not every day, I promise).  Little Man does, after all, go to bed at 7:00.  What other quiet activity am I going to find to do for three hours?  Read?  Knit?  Learn a new language?  Why?, when I can feel just as productive after hours of simply "pinning"?  Ahem.  After mulling over this for a few hours (while on Pinterest, mind you), I decided I needed to validate all of the time I am wasting dedicating over at my second home.  Earlier in the week over at Young House Love, Sherry announced her seasonal Pinterest Challenge, where she and her friends and readers are going to create and share objects they make based upon their pins.  I'm not participating in their challenge, but I thought it would be a neat idea for me to issue a challenge to myself.  Can I make five things this week off of my Crafts Board?  Why, I don't see why not.  

The first project I opted to tackle was this button bracelet.  The original is from an Etsy Shop, and took the idea and put my own spin on it.  I used hemp as the bracelet base and opted for buttons of different colors rather than one shade. 

Easy, peasy.  Pinned and made.  On to the next project!

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  1. Those are really pretty about earrings to match?