Monday, June 4, 2012

Little Man's Built-In::Part 1

Mr. Chadwick and I decided a long time ago that we wanted a built-in bookcase in Little Man's room.  While we have several power tools, we didn't have all of the ones Mr. Chadwick wanted to get the shelves built.  A couple of weeks ago, I went ahead and took measurements and did up a drawing anyway.  

This is why I was not an art major.  

Apparently, a degree program in math wouldn't have been a good academic fit for me either, because not only did I not measure correctly, but all of my calculations were off, too.  

My dad recently gave us my grandfather's 1940s Shop Smith, and we couldn't wait to get started on all of the projects waiting on our list. 

But, before we could do that, we needed to measure and plan.  After Mr. Chadwick did all of that, I told him I had drawn out plans already.  When I pulled my drawing out, though, we noticed that none of our numbers matched.  Someone tall and handsome quickly began erasing, and we had a good, long laugh.

This little one quickly got bored and went on to engineer a lego truck ramp.

Meanwhile, we're still erasing.  

The cardboard ramp is spectacular.


Whew!  Finally ready to start drawing!

Making some modifications.

 Mr. Math actually doubled-checked his calculations, whereas I just rounded up to the nearest whole number and hoped for the best.

The final product.  In drawing form.

Tomorrow, Mr. Chadwick is going to share with you his actual building process.  Yay, teamwork!  Without you, I would have crooked, rickety shelves.


  1. Hahaha, Rachel - I always forgot about board width, too! Daddy would say when I'd ask him to build something for me - "well, sketch out what you want." I'd give the outside dimensions and the inside configuration - yep that's what I want... Ron has said the same thing to me... and I've had to learn the hard way that the board width matters - and sometimes, I did not get as many shelves as I originally envisioned. Duh.

  2. LOL! Because you did exactly what I would have do! And the cardboard truck ramp is wonderful - Mr. Little Man IS SO SMART!!!!