Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today: A Little Laziness

Despite the numerous projects we have in the works and all of the activity in the garden, it really doesn't feel like we're accomplishing much these days.  We have four rooms to paint, more bookcases to build, some fun projects here and there, and a garden to tend and yet at the end of the day I find myself asking myself if I've actually done anything at all.  Yesterday, I washed three loads of laundry and hung them out to dry on "the line."  We sold our dryer a year ago because we never used it.  Today, I need to water all of the plants, do more laundry, and answer the all important question of "What's for supper?"  

But there's just something about summer days that makes me want to stay inside and be still and knit.  All day.  I guess those other projects can keep holding off for a while.  It will be autumn enough soon, right?

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