Thursday, March 7, 2013

Every Little Boy Needs a Tent

After seeing several of these on Pinterest, I decided that Blair and I could easily make one.  We whipped one up in about an hour for under $30.  I got a large dog bed and a new pillow for the inside.  He loves his special reading tent.


  1. Whoa! Sarah's tent was no where as nice as Little Man's... but then hers was to be only temporary - a quilt over a 3'x6' folding table. "Temporary" turned into months, tho'... and it turned out to be one of my best ideas ever!!! She'd disappear for blessed hours into her own little world and perhaps best of all, when given permission to spend the whole night in her tent, she'd put herself to bed at her own choosing. Bliss. L.M.'s is sooo stylish! Hope he (and you!) derive as much pleasure from it as I (and he!) can imagine! :-)

  2. This is clever! You may get some quiet time for yourself while he is enjoying his tent :)