Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kitchen Storage

Yesterday, I was inspired by this post, written by my sister-in-law, to tidy up my kitchen cabinets.  I've found myself being rather lazy with them over the last few weeks (probably due to the fact that newborns are exhausting and when given the choice to either vacuum or organize, I'm going to pick the floors). 

Blair and I are making the switch from plastic to glass storage in our kitchen.  We're doing this little by little due to the fact that glass storage is more expensive than plastic.  We already have many, many glass quart and pint jars, and since I can't use a pressure cooker on my stove, I store dried goods and mixes in them.  Why keep the jars and bags of beans in the cabinet separately when you can combine them and save on space?

Dried beans and lentils are easily distinguishable in the jars, but biscuit mix and pancake mix look very much the same.  I used to label the flats of the lids with a Sharpie (because that's how my mother does it), but Sharpie doesn't come off.  About a year ago, I ordered a chalk pen from Amazon.  Originally, I just used it on my chalkboards, but I discovered that it doesn't erase well.  I noticed on the package that it can be used on glass, so I started labeling the tops of my lids with it.  It wipes off easily with a little rubbing, and I can use it on the jars and containers I store in the freezer.  

I keep the soaking and cooking directions for beans and lentils written in this cookbook my Mimi bought me as a child.  By doing this, I don't have to keep the packages.  Less clutter.

For items like couscous and quinoa, which are tiny little pellets (and I make a huge mess with every time), instead of using a canning ring and flat I use...

The green lids from parmesan cheese containers!  I save them.  All of them.  You never know when they might come in handy.  From quinoa to letting your three-year-old put pipe cleaners through them, they are great to have around.

Simple.  Glass.  Storage.

Organization achieved.


  1. Thanks for the link! That's exactly what I want to do with our dry food storage, you copycat. I like our current plastic containers, but the weird smell/taste that they impart over time is not ok. I'm holding out for my favorite Weck jars...they're so pretty...

    1. Ahh!! Weck jars make my heart go pitter patter!! One day I will have shelves upon shelves filled with them. Until then, Ball will have to suffice.

  2. Looks great! I think I need to do something about my pantry.... Thanks for the link!