Monday, July 29, 2013

Conversations with Blair

Me:  I'm officially going crazy!
Blair:  I could have told you that ages ago.
Me:  Ha, ha.  No, really.  Is there a contact in here?  (Extends contact case.)
Blair:  (Silently inspects)  No.  
Me:  Arrrggg!!  Where could it be???
Blair:  Possibly  (opens other side of contact case)
Me:  You're a genius!!  Wait!  How am I going to tell them apart?  They're both different prescriptions!
Blair:  Try them both in each eye?
Me:  Actually, there's no need to go to that trouble.  The right one is torn, so all I have to do is look for the one missing a chunk.
Blair:  Um...How long have you been wearing those?
Me:  Longer than three weeks.


Later that day

Blair:  Did you get your contacts figured out?
Me:  Well, either both of them are now torn, or I've been wearing them in the wrong eyes for about four months...which actually would explain why I haven't been able to see anything.

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