Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some Fresh Paint

There wasn't anything particularly painful about the paint in the den, but it was pretty scuffed up, and there were some holes in the walls from the previous owners.  It also wasn't really my favorite color, and I have wanted to paint this room (like every other room in the house) since we bought it two-and-half years ago, and this past weekend I got to it.

I took a gallon of free-to-me (the best kind) blue paint and tempered it down with some white I already had on hand (because the natural light in the den is unreal).

When we first bought the house:

After a fresh, clean coat of paint:

It feels so much more friendly and inviting now.  I also moved the lamp from KatyRynne's room in here for some softer lighting and made a few decor changes I'll share with you later.  For now though, just scroll back up and bask in the gentleness and beach cottage feeling of the blue.


  1. It's beautiful! It will help temper all that light coming in from the windows. I also like all the new decorations :)