Monday, August 13, 2012


These beans will stay on the vine for the rest of the summer until they are completely dry.

I have already used a large part of my garlic harvest.  It was small this year because I didn't realize until too late that I needed to cut the scapes.

The okra is blooming beautifully.

Tilling up some new dirt for the autumn garden.

Noah will tell you that, "They're busy!"

One day, we'll sit in the shade of these apple trees

instead of in the shade of the laundry line. 

(By the way, I'm looking for vintage sheets or even those that are just a little old and thin.)

Sadly, not all of our blackberry stalks survived the dry heat this summer.   Fortunately, we have two good, healthy stalks to put back here once they are dormant.  

So grateful for the cooler weather.

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  1. love that Little Man is interested in helping you with the gardening :) Good thing I sent all those blackberries to you for your freezer this year! make some yummy blackberry custard ice cream with them!