Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Clean Up Time

Remember when I switched out the toy cabinet to a more convenient location? Well, that hasn't stopped Little Man from wandering around the house zooming cars and trucks on every flat surface he can find, especially his original toy cabinet.  We're working on saying "bye, bye" to this habit because of this.

This picture really doesn't do it justice.  All of the doors and trim work in the house is painted in flat paint, which is nearly impossible to clean (even using one of these wonders).  I got tired of looking at the fronts of the built-in cabinets the other day and decided to paint them while Little Man was at school.  I did all three sets in white semi-gloss (that I already had), and after three coats they look much better.  

I will most likely go back and do another coat or two, and I intend to do the rest of the doors and trim  in the house little by little.  A clean look is in the small things (and poor photography, apparently).  

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  1. Yes, we're slowly trying to get paint on our filthy walls, too. The builder used flat paint in our house. I think flat paint should be outlawed.