Monday, February 6, 2012

Things I Love About Him

Two weeks from today, my little one will turn two.  Two whole years!  He's getting so big, so smart, so funny.  There are alot of bloggers out there who do "8 Things I love Abut my 8-year-old" type posts when their little one has a birthday, but there are so many more than just two things that I love about Little Man.  I thought I'd do a series of posts about my Little Man instead.  

My sweet Little Man loves language.  I year ago I wondered if he'd ever talk.  I wasn't worried about him, I was just frustrated with the endless whining and screaming every day.  I was ready for him to be able to tell me what he wanted.  About four months ago, he started with a few words, and just in the past week or so, his vocabulary has doubled.  He knows his colors and loves to sing the ABCs.  "A B D D D D D..." (we'll fill in the blanks later).  His favorite letters are A, B, O, S, and Y.  He learns a new word or two every day and has great conversations with a photo of my brother.  He's reaching the point where he consistently asks for what he wants rather than whine, and he loves to pick up his phone and call Mike, Matt, Mimom, or Poppy.  He'd just as soon sit down with a book as play with a toy, and he has several books that he can "read" to us.  Little Man, I'm so glad you love to learn!


  1. That's just sweet. :) It's awesome when we start to understand our children's personalities and try to work with them and help them learn. For us with #2, everything is different, we can't take things for granted, and we're having to work harder with the desire to learn, but I love the challenge of finding what excites her.

    And there are those days when we dream of Ms. Rachael being back in that 3yo classroom! Oh, boy, do we ever. You're legendary, seriously. Parents still talk about how great you were. You're missed dearly.

  2. Kelly, that's too kind. I loved working in that classroom. I was just thinking the other day how much I miss it.

  3. Love that photo of my Little Man...growing up way too quickly. Yes, he IS smart!!!