Saturday, October 1, 2011

Back on My Feet

So much for rest and recovery.  Thanks to Urgent Care and TamiFlu, I'm feeling like myself again!  With a renewed sense of energy, I decided to tackle a small, de-stash project while Little Man was playing.  Autumn is, and has always been, my favorite season.  It's such a relief to be done with the heat of the summer and to see some beauty after the dry brown of the late, long days.  Banners have been popular in blog land for a couple of years now, and I have wanted to jump on the bandwagon make one for a while.  What better way to use some scraps without feeling guilty about throwing them away?  

This took all of ten minutes.  I cut the triangles out with my pinking shears so there would be no need to do any hemming.  Then I folded down the top edge and stitched that with my sewing machine.  I wanted to hang the banner from hooks, so I located two small ones and put them into the wall behind the decor on my mantle.  I have a large ball of thin hemp leftover from something I did years ago, and I took a length of that, tied one end to a hook, took the other end and threaded it through the triangles, and tied that to the other hook.  I then centered the banners, and, ta-da, I'm done!  My mantle is ready for Autumn without looking like I own and operate a seasonal decor store.  

                                              The chalkboard actually reads, "Love dwells here."


  1. Love it, Rachel! Glad it made you happy - even gladder, though, you're feeling better! :-)

  2. That's so looks perfect in your den!!!

  3. Fall is my favorite, too!