Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some chairs

Blair and I got married six years ago, and until last December, we always lived in apartments.  Translated, this means we had no need for a dining table or chairs.  When we bought our Lankford house, we made do for several months eating at a card table with metal folding chairs.  This is really not an effective way to eat.    There's nowhere on the table for food platters and nowhere for company to sit and have a meal with you.  Over the summer, Blair found a rather rough-looking table at the Chadwick farm, and thought it might make for a nice replacement.  This table is 200 years old and needed some work, but after a good clean up, it works very well.  

The only problem we had then was our lack of dining chairs.  Last week one of our neighbors was having a yard sale.  Now, I typically don't go to yard sales.  There is rarely anything there I'm interested in, but looking at the people trying to sell their "goods" always guilts me into buying something.  This yard sale, however, had something I could use.  Three dining chairs.  I realize that dining chairs are usually bought in even numbers, but Little Man is still eating in a booster seat, and I intend to get a bench for one of the long sides of the table anyway.  The chairs were perfect, and by perfect I mean they were dining chairs with a finish I found quite plain, and they were being sold as a set with the matching dining table, which I didn't need.  The lady selling them only wanted $25 for all of it, so, naturally, I couldn't pass that up.  I told myself I could find a use somewhere for that table.  Next to the chairs at the sale was a pile of burlap for $3, and I picked that up, too, knowing exactly what I would use it for.  After hauling it all home, I unfolded the burlap and began to pin, cut, and sew using chairs from Restoration Hardware as my inspiration.

I apologize for not having pictures of this process, but with the cloudy skies lately, my camera just can't handle indoor pictures even with the overhead light on and the flash.

I covered all three chairs and had a little burlap leftover for small projects here and there.  Not exactly like the ridiculously expensive chairs from RH, but for $28, I think I did pretty well.  We now have semi-grown-up chairs to sit in at the table, and company will hopefully no longer look at us like we're college students half-way playing house.

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