Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Matthew Wouldn't Do: 2

When you pull up carpet that's not original to your house, expect to have some extra work to do.  Like installing quarter round and painting the baseboards.  We here at Lankford are hosting Thanksgiving this year, and, as such, our quarter round budget has been redirected to turkey and all of the yumminess that goes along with it and makes the holiday what it is.  However, I couldn't bring myself to host Thanksgiving for 12 people with my base boards looking like this:

Grungy nastiness.  So at (see below time) last night, I decided to tackle this project.

Maybe my next post should be titled, "Love note to a Wooster Brush."  I mean, really, this thing is the bomb-diggity.  Notice my damp rag for mess clean-up.  That's right.  I painted right next to my newly uncovered wooden floors without a paint guide.  Note to reader:  Matthew is ridiculously, hopelessly, meticulously obsessive neat.  I did, however, put a plastic bag under my paint can.

I painted in my pajamas.

Let us now take a look at What Matthew Wouldn't Do:

WMW{n't}D:  Wait until 10:39 p.m. to paint baseboards.  

WMW{n't}D:  Paint baseboards.  Love you dearly, Matthew, but we both know this is true.

WMW{n't}D:  Live in a house with grungy baseboards.  Karen is much more thorough than that.   And by thorough, clearly I mean "she would have thought through this process better than I did."

WMW{n't}D:  Post photos of himself doing a project he wouldn't do.  

WMW{n't}D:  Post photos of himself in pajamas.  

WMW{n't}D:  Fall in love with a paint brush.

WMW{n't}D:  Use a paint brush.

WMW{n't}D:  Paint without tape or a guide.

WMW{n't}D:  Paint. (Are you seeing a theme here?)

WMW{n't}D:  Leave small traces of paint on the floor even though they will be covered later.

WMW{n't}D:  Take photos of a coffee maker so he'd know what time it was.  

WMW{n't}D:  Take photos of a coffee maker (unless, of course, he had just made some really awesome coffee that spewed forth peace, happiness, and rainbows).

At 11:36 I found myself done with the first touch-up coat and ready for bed.  I also found myself host to way-faring company (read: my in-laws) who found it very funny that I was in the floor painting at 11:30 at night.

Much better, yes?  Now all that's left to do is the second coat and then feel free to bring on the turkey.


  1. I hate to say've BECOME YOUR MOTHER!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is uncannily accurate. Seriously, who likes to paint?

    And besides, a day without baseboards is a day better spent being productive. Like writing stuff or something. Speaking of which... back to my grind.