Friday, October 21, 2011

The Great Room Floor: Phases 2 and 3

That's right, Phases 2 and 3!  We got up early and got to work.  Blair did a great job pulling out and cutting the carpet for Phase 2.  This really is not an easy job.  The carpet is heavy, and wrangling it out of the house is not just a jar of jellybeans.

Phase 2 finished, the floor vacuumed, and all the furniture put back in place.

Little Man inspects our work.

Here's what's left.  Hello, Phase 3.

Moving the Phase 3 furniture.

The only glitch we found in the room was this spot of slightly uneven, lighter wood.  We noticed when we moved into the house that there was a "patch" on the wall that had been well done, but was still obviously a patch.  I always assumed it was an old air register.  No.  The original house had a bar here that was varnished around.  The 1963 owner probably had some storage there and served her food from it.  I'm not really sure what to do with that spot.  Awkwardly placed chair?  Try to match the finish?

All done!  Everything back in it's place!  No more carpet, no more tack!  We still need to install quarter-round in all of the rooms (except our bedroom) and paint the baseboards.  That will have to come later.  So will a better picture of the finished product.

My hands are rather shaky after the day of work.  

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  1. All the floors look wonderful! You & B did a super job!