Monday, January 7, 2013

A project for a project

Redundant, right?  Not really.  Blair and I (well, Blair, mostly) are in the middle of a project that I can't WAIT to show you, but until then I thought I'd ease the wait by showing you something that I have  actually completed.  I made it to go with the larger project that Blair is constructing.

I doubt you were expecting a quilt.  All you fabulous quilters out there are probably unimpressed, but we love it!  It turned out really well.  I haven't made a quilt in 8 years, and the last one I did was a patchwork that I cut and pieced and stitched entirely by hand.  It was also a queen sized.  This is actually a crib-sized/lap throw size, and it's just perfect to sit on the couch right now until it's permanent home is ready (and, no, it won't be in the nursery).  I got the fabric at Joann's and loosely used the instructions from here to make it.  It took all of three hours, but then, I cheated and stitched the binding on with my machine.

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  1. Just love the fabric you chose for the's SO YOU!!