Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Nursery: The Walls and Lights

When I visited with my parents in October, fabric for the curtains wasn't the only thing I came home with.  I also picked up these letters for her "name wall", and I got these frames (for a bargain!) to place underneath.  The letters are painted in two coats of white semi-gloss.  Each frame has a photo of a grandmother or great-grandmother in it.  At the time I took these pictures in November I hadn't yet made enlargements of either of Blair's grandmothers' photos, and I'm still looking for a good one of my mother-in-law's mother.  

Letters:  on sale at Hobby Lobby
Frames:  on sale at Michael's

This beautiful lamp was given to us by a dear, sweet friend who I know would wish to remain anonymous.  I will allow her that.  Isn't this lamp gorgeous?!  I love to fill the rooms in our home with a balance of old and new, and I think this piece offsets many of the more "modern" elements in here.

Next up, we have the overhead light.  So many homes have these light fixtures in them, and they have neither style nor character.  I bought a $26 lamp shade at Lowe's, covered the "cross bars" with jute twine I already had on hand, and attached it to the ceiling with three, small cup hooks.  I love the way this looks in here.

And the view from directly underneath.  

When writing this in early November, I already had the pennant frame finished but had yet to decide what to do with the empty wall on the right side of the crib.  When I post a final before-and-after post of the nursery, I'll show you what I chose.  

It was so much fun to see this room come together piece by piece and change by change.  When we brought Noah home from the hospital, we brought him into a small, dingy apartment (with a neighbor who had a major drug problem), and put him into a borrowed Pack and Play in the corner of our crowded bedroom.  I feel so blessed this time around to have a beautiful, functional space in which to place our new sweet baby and give thanks daily for the opportunity to have this simple but lovely room.

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  1. Yes, you are very blessed to have such a nice home!