Thursday, January 10, 2013

Filling Out With Some Furniture

As promised a few days ago, I do have some finished projects to show you, and the first one's up today!  We finally had some sunshine here long enough for me to take some pictures, and this may be one of my favorite before and afters ever.  

Five years ago, Blair and I bought a bed from a friend, and it came with a homemade upholstered head board.  We used that up until this past Spring, when we switched over to an open and more light-friendly one from Blair's parents.  We tried to get rid of the original headboard to no avail, so Blair ripped off the fabric and batting to find some really great plywood underneath.  The cloth went in the trash and the plywood went to the shed.  

Over the summer, I decided I wanted a round table to help fill out our living room.  The space in there was just so empty and bare, but I couldn't find a table I really liked.  We finally had the idea to use that free piece of plywood.  So a couple of days before Christmas, Blair simply cut out a circle and attached it to the top of a side table we already owned.  A little batting, fabric, and a few boxes of upholstery nails later we had this:

It makes a huge difference in the room space-wise and function-wise.  Mr. Noah loves to work puzzles on it, and it gives the room a visual boost.  Best of all, it was free!  It's probably not a permanent fixture, but while we have young children in the house, it's soft, round edges are the perfect fit.  

So, here's the big before and after:





  1. LOVE the nailhead trim! My sister-in-law recently got a nailhead-trimmed ottoman for their living room because of their little one, and I've been jealous of it but unwilling to drop the cash. Your project has my gears turning! Hmm...

  2. The nail head trim really puts a finishing touch on it...looks great!