Thursday, January 24, 2013

Some Sewing for Baby

Every baby needs a diaper bag, but when it comes to "baby accessories" I prefer for them not to look like they belong to a baby.  I don't do pastel blues or frilly pinks.  Mr. Noah had two great diaper bags that he used, but unfortunately they both had his first name monogramed on them, making them solely his and his alone.  My solution?  Make my own.  That way it's my preferred style and customized to my needs.

I found this fabric on sale at a nearby Joann's and snatched up two yards of it and a contrasting fabric for lining.  It's the same fabric I used for the quilt in our den.

The pattern is my own design, and the entire bag is "padded" with cotton batting.  The strap is double padded and quilted for comfort and durability.

The strap is also long enough to be worn cross-body like a messenger bag.  That way I don't have to worry about it slipping off of my shoulder constantly while holding a baby and corralling a three-year-old.

I decided to do a squared-cornered base to give the bag overall shape and sturdiness.  

I put a simple loop and button closure on it so I could get in and out of it easily.  I didn't put any pockets on the inside because, frankly, I'm too lazy to take the time to locate the proper pocket.  I usually just toss things into a bag hit or miss.

I made this diaper strap based off of one I received as a gift when Noah was born from this sweet lady.  It has a layer of cotton batting in the middle and closes with sew-on Velcro.

I also firmly believe in leaving the house with as little stuff as possible, so I made myself this fold-over clutch to put my belongings in.  It also has a square bottom and lining.  With all of my stuff in here, I can grab it out and go when I leave the kids in the nursery at church or with a sitter.  It slips down into the bag and has plenty room in it for my keys and other essentials.  Speaking of keys...

I made myself this little ditty to put on my key chain.  Sometimes life is about the simple pleasures after all.

When all was said and done, I was pretty pleased with how everything turned out.  There's enough space down in the diaper bag for an extra change of clothes as well (and we Mama's all know how important that little detail is!) and anything else I might dream up on down the road for the remainder of the fabric.


  1. I love that fabric! These all look great, I'm jealous. I am of a like mind about baby accessories that are clearly for a baby - namely, not a fan. Especially girls-can-only-be-pink-and-boys-can-only-be-blue school of thought. You should see the giant pink unicorn my sister and her husband got for my niece. ~shudder~

    I should probably start learning to sew so I can follow your lead. ^_^

  2. Classy! I really like the fabric!