Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Guest Bath Gets Decor::Part 1

The other day, while explaining my process for selecting the paint for our kitchen, I pointed out that, while the guest bath doesn't need painting, it does need a little help in the decor department.  Or, rather, did.  Mr. Chadwick was yet again out of town this past weekend, and I needed something craft-inspired to fill my time.  Why not tackle this room?  While tidying up my work table I came across a couple of items  and found myself inspired.

We started with this look (which I'm sure you all find depressing):

Even this past winter it wasn't really the nicest looking wall in the house.

Pick this up

And one of those frames I got for free.  I chose a "3D" acrylic frame with a cardboard backing.

After ditching my wreath idea a few weeks ago, I decided to use these for something else.

I simply coated the top of the frame with glue and placed these across in straight lines.

A little less than desirable.  It's too small for the amount of space on the wall...



I went back to the free frame box and grabbed this frame that came without a backing or glass.

After giving up on making these tubes a while back, one might be inclined to believe that I wouldn't want to make anymore.  And yet 85 rolled tubes and three hours on Netflix later I had the beginnings of this.

And yet it still felt off-balance.

Let's change it up.

Side Note:  Knowing that in this small, dark bathroom I wasn't going to get top-quality photos no matter what I did to my white balance, I opted for Instagram.  After all, if you're going to take bad photos, you may as well make them trendy.

It still felt incomplete.  See that space at the bottom?  It needed to be filled.

So I made thirty more tubes and glued them to wooden craft sticks.

Yay!  The space is filled, it's not a snowflake, and it was free!!

Now I just need to do something with the other side of the window.  It needs to be something different, however, because no matter how much I appreciate symmetry, even I realize when enough is enough.

Monday, I'll show you what I did with this empty space over the tub.


  1. This looks "modern Japanese' to me...and it was thrifty!!! You go, girl!

  2. Are you opposed to hoop art? Circles might be a good balance to such a linear piece.

    1. Rachel, we're totally on the same page. If you look at Part 2 of this, you'll see that I put circles over the tub. Great minds think alike!