Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pickin' Paint

Now, while I'm still not quite ready to dig out the paint supplies for a big project just yet, I am ready to start deciding on a color for the kitchen.  I thought the best way to make sure we wind up with something we really love (at least for the next several years) would be to take several samples, tape them to the walls, and look at them in different lighting throughout the day over the next couple of weeks.  

After nearly half-an-hour at Lowe's this is a sampling of what I brought home:

Now, please don't think I've lost my mind when you see the color in the back.  I'm planning on using that as an accent color elsewhere in the house.  I'll get to that in a minute.  

Apparently, taping paint samples to the walls in contagious (perhaps dangerously so), because Little Man wanted in on the action. 

And I give you Gray


Gray, gray, gray, and gray

Grey and Grey (if I spell it with an E does it make it more exciting?)

Not very spell-binding, but, oh, think of the possibilites of gray!  I have always loved gray for walls because it gives a nice, clean backdrop allowing for exciting accents and trinkets (or Fire King dishes in the kitchen).  It will also look really spectacular when we have the walnut counter tops all the way around.

While I was at it, I went ahead and placed some in other rooms of the house.  I give you the den with a possible wall color

and hearth color (which is shockingly enough...gray).

 The guest bath is in need of some decorating only.  Not painting.  Which was a relief to Mr. Chadwick when he saw this paint chip taped upon the fuse box cabinet.  For some reason, it made him think a high school girl was going to be painting this space.  No idea why.  Everyone knows bright teal walls are super awesome.

I am vaguely aware of the fact that it is no longer winter.  However, I am also vaguely aware of the fact that I have nothing else to put here.

I present to you the Great Room in a deep shade of...wait for it...wait for it...GRAY!  We plan on putting white wainscoting on the lower half of the walls, also, which should take out some of that cave-likeness that might be an issue with such a large space of dark walls.

And Little Man's room in gray...

Most likely to match the kitchen.  Or at least compliment.

Over the next few days, focusing on the kitchen, we'll take down the paint chips we don't like and move around the ones we love to make sure they are equally appreciated in all the (few few few) light sources the kitchen has to offer.  Hopefully the first week in May will bring forth some taping, cutting in, and painting in gray.


  1. Yay for gray! I keep meaning to post photos about my favorite gray in our master suite (Behr Ashwood) because gray is the absolute best. Your grays have different undertones though... I could swear one is blue and one is green? But they're really all gray?

    Also, we totally saw an apartment with a bathroom that EXACT shade of teal. I was trying to maintain a neutral expression while the realtor chirped about how the owners had done so well with choosing colors.

    1. Sarah, they are all gray. That's part of why I taped them up. I moved the one that looks blue-ish into the den, and in there it looked like it should be used in a little boy's nursery. Ah, the thrill of color!

  2. Since you l ove gray SO much, I know how extra super-duper proud you are of me that I chose GRAY to re-paint the kitchen cabinets!!! We are almost finished with them, just those from the sink to the dining room wall remain. I like the color you have taped up in the den.

  3. I like Grey so much it is my son's middle name. I see you as a warm grey person so choose carefully. I like the first chip best. (yours, not little man's).

    1. Melony,
      I definitely agree with you on the "warm gray" especially now that the cabinets are white.