Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hiding is Easier than Building

Let's talk about storage.  Again.  Here's what I've been doing for storage in the office.

The table helps keep it all in one location, but doesn't really do much for keeping it out of sight.  Enter the need for a table skirt.  Except that I didn't really want to sew anything and didn't have any fabric that I looooved and I didn't want to buy anything.  So, I pulled out a 1 yard remnant I'd had for a few years, measured it, pinned it with safety pins, and attached it to the table with velcro.

Looks good, right?  Well, that lasted all of about six hours.  When I went to bed, I noticed my fabric in a heap on the floor.

That didn't take long.  So much for the Velcro.  Fortunately we have a staple gun, so three quick clicks later (two days after the original collapse, to be exact), and we were back in business.

Not a perfect solution, especially seeing as to how I don't particularly care for the fabric, but it definitely cuts the visual clutter.  Floor-to-ceiling shelves are eventually in order for this room, but for now free works just fine.


  1. Nice piece of fabric...since you didn't have to cut it, it will see another use in another phase of life.

    1. Well, perhaps when I'm done with it I'll pass it on to you. I'm really not fond of it.