Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kitchen Make-Over: Part 3

After taking a day off for Sunday, Monday morning I hit the ground running.  (Click here and here if you missed the first two days.)  All the priming was done (contrary to the picture you see below), and I was ready to paint.  I chose Valspar's Ultra Premium kitchen and bath paint in off-the-shelf white.  This stuff is amazing!  It's thick, goes on smoothly, and covers a good bit of the wood grain.  I painted the doors outside to be nice and tidy, but unfortunately, although I taped, I got more white paint on the walls than I intended.  I may have even said Crud Head Baloney Face a few times.  In our house, this is considered major potty language, so I'll give you a few minutes to recover from my shocking use "foul vocabulary."  

Meanwhile, this was still in the middle of the floor.

We (and by we I mean me with Mr. Chadwick's approval) decided to leave the cabinets on the  "sink" wall open.  This required filling the holes left by the hardware, sanding smooth, and painting.

First coat of paint is up, end cabinet is no longer the the middle of the kitchen, and now 25 people know why cabinet doors are needed in the Chadwick household.

Mr. Tall and Handsome is making the butcher block top for this cabinet out of this gorgeous piece of walnut we got locally at a small mill nearby.

I really can't wait to show you what comes next!


  1. I am loving this! It is going to be so pretty! If I could just get over this yard sale I've been going to have for the last ten years (seriously. I'm dedicating the rest of Spring to getting it ready...), I'd start on my own kitchen. You are inspiring me! And you didn't sand the cabinets?! Hey - that's has been my biggest deterrent to painting mine. Now I'm determined to get past this yard sale roadblock and move on with my life! :-)
    PS - The butcher block top is going to be mahvelous. I'm enjoying the peek into your cabinets, too (no. I do not snoop into other people's kitchen/medicine cabinets - esp. since I heard about the marble tip trick from way back in college. never even tempted to chance being that embarrassed!)At any rate, I absolutely love and am coveting (yes. bad. I know.) your fireking/anchor hocking green dishes that I can see plainly in your cabinet. My grandmother had some... ;-)

  2. But the best part didn't get paint on your pretty wood floor!!! That's something I would have done.