Monday, December 5, 2011


I started this little Advent project two years ago, when I saw the project journal over at Purl Soho.  I immediately went out, bought the felt, brought it home, and...Well, this is where I go all "bad-crafter" on you.  As you can plainly see, I am just now finishing this.  The squares have been cut out for two years and sitting in neat little stacks of colors, so it wasn't for a lack of trying.  Well, ok, maybe it was.  Excuse me while I turned my face in shame.  As I tend to do with so many projects, I got busy with life and lost interest.  I originally printed off Purl's numbers to iron-transfer to the felt and then embroider.  Somewhere in the Move Across Two States, Seven Months in a Storage Building, and the Forty-Five Minute Move Down the Road they got misplaced.  Imagine that.  I wound up free-handing them all.  I suppose I could have penciled them on, but where would the frustration fun have been in that?    I even used the original felt backing for another project.  Ahem.  The fleece I'm currently using for the back was also purchased for another project.  Guess that's not happening now...

Each of these little squares is actually a pocket.  The opening at the top is to allow me to put in a Scripture verse to read that day.  I'm saving that little piece of the project for another year.  *Shame face*
I'm hoping that the bright colors and numbers will be enough to interest Little Man for now.  He might not even notice it at all since he's incredibly busy turning the Christmas tree lights on and off and worrying over the fact that the Advent candles are not lit all day.  

On a side note, his class at school is having a Christmas party next Wednesday, and I'm supposed to take a gift for him to unwrap.  I'm pretty sure his teachers didn't have in mind the Boomwhackers or ant farm with live ants that he's getting.  I may just wrap up one of The Tall One's harmonicas and send that instead.  Don't you think that's a pretty good trade off?


  1. I suggest you take a truck or tractor.

  2. Oh, I think the harmonica would be much more interesting [HAR!!!!] :)