Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today::A Slow Day

We're having the rainy kind of day here that causes me to stay inside and take pictures through the windows.  

And wear baggy, poorly fitting jeans with paint on them.  And black Crocs, which I have been informed, by two people now, do not constitute as house shoes.  

A little redecorating never hurt anyone, right?

I'm marveling at small miracles such as the suction cup that is still holding the wreath on the front door.

Paper and tape can be quite relaxing.  This is a fact.  

I am considering wrapping gifts to add to these under the tree.  It is now not only sufficient for The Musical One to be ridiculously taller than everyone else.  He also wrapped his gifts first.  

Oh, how we love to stack.

Yes, this is a picture of crocheted snowflakes (I'm up to 24 now) and tomatoes.  Some of which, as you can see, are still green!

There are just no words for this.  It started out as a gift wrapping station and has morphed into The Flat Surface That Attracts All Things.  However, a rainy day with nowhere to go has presented itself, so I suppose I should tackle this....Or I could just enjoy a slow day with hot oatmeal and cocoa.  What would you do?


  1. Sort of reminds me of your mom's "scraping room".

  2. that would be a scrapping room, I do not scrape anything in there except maybe my knuckles once in awhile...

    a rainy day with Little Man down for a nap is a good time to reorganize...or re-shuffle [HAR!!!]

    I think Crocs are good houseshoes. I would wear mine in the house if they weren't so yucky from being worn as yard shoes.