Friday, December 23, 2011

Being Thrifty

Yesterday, I mentioned the sweaters from Goodwill that I bought for stocking making.  I'm sure you can tell quite easily from the pictures in that post that I didn't use every bit of both sweaters.  As a matter of fact, there was a good bit of "scrap" left over.  I'm pretty sure you know where this is going.  I saved all of the remaining fabric, and yesterday morning I took the cut off sleeves, stitched them into straight tubes (rather than tapered tubes) and wound up with these:

Boot socks!  The Tall Charming One got me these awesome boots for Christmas (and then couldn't wait that long to give them to me), and I have been wearing them nearly every day.  Over at Pinterest, I have a very large board dedicated to styles that I like, and I have a few outfits pinned with boots and boot socks.  I could have gone here or here and spent nearly $20 on a pair, but instead, I chose to be thrifty and use what I had.  Two sweaters+5 minutes = two (nearly free) pairs of what are essentially leg warmers.

I even left all of the junk in the background here so you can see exactly what our den looks like about  61% of the time.  Just trying to keep it real for ya.  

I had a great time this week trying to see how little I could spend and yet still produce quality work from online inspiration.  It's not difficult at all, and I encourage you to try it, too.  I even have some ideas in the works for what's left of the sweaters.


  1. Cute, I like your style pinboard. I'm not on Pinterest yet, but recently found it, and it looks cool! Very clever to use sweater sleeves to make your own boot socks!

  2. So, leg warmers have been re-named boot socks? Thrifty AND stylish!