Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Pin Complete!

Actually, the title of this post is a bit of a misnomer.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and never pinned it, simply hoping that I would remember it.  And I did.  

Ahhhhhhh.  The never-ending quest to find the perfect way to display all of those Christmas cards (or, if you're getting cards from people like me, Happy New Year's cards).  I love keeping the cards I get every year, but I never know what to do with them.  Where to put them?  How to display them?  I really don't like setting them up on the furniture for display, because that creates clutter, and I do believe we all know how I feel about clutter.   Every year I get a few with great illustrations that I intend to frame and hang up the next Christmas.  In six years of married Christmases, this has never happened.  So when I stumbled upon an idea for keeping and displaying Christmas cards I pinned it away for future use stared at it for a very long time in hopes of remembering it.  Yeah, I know, so much for organization.  Well, it just so happens that not only did I remember it, but I also had everything on hand needed to make this pin!  I had a huge stack of Christmas cards, a three-hole punch, and binder rings.  

Ta da!  Christmas card dilemma solved!  I can do this every year with my cards and simply set them out in later years as "coffee table books."  Not my idea, folks, but nevertheless a brilliant one.  Clutter is managed and all those hours I log over at Pinterest are all the more justified.  


  1. Cool idea! I have used different shaped punches to make gift tags with mine, 1 year after receiving them. This way I can enjoy the cards 1 year later, then move on to my new cards!

  2. I was one the ones that pinned it - but you actually did it! Yay! I've procrastinated because I didn't think of using the regular three-hole - only of how I would space w/the single punch... yes, I think perfectionism probably goes hand in hand w/procastinating. Now before I master this Pin I just must be able to remember that tip... ;-)

  3. I remember seeing this on Pinterest! Cool idea!