Friday, December 2, 2011


I enjoy spending my evenings perusing the pictures and ideas over at Pinterest.  I find that after several hours I feel quite accomplished (even though I haven't done a single thing except use up electricity).  I have a good many boards over there with a good many pins, and I decided I really need to start making some of those things I have pinned.  I actually started over the summer when I took ideas from here and here, combining them to make my paper wreaths.

With winter and Christmas coming, I wanted to pull out my mad paper folding skillz and try my hand at some of the 3d snowflakes I had pinned.  I have now made 11 of these in three different sizes,

and last night I spent the evening cutting, folding, gluing, and burning my fingers to make two of these.

I used "vintage" sheet music for the two I made last night.  I showed the first one I finished to Mr. Chadwick, who's immediate response was, "Oooh, shaped notes!" which was followed by, "I like it!"

Now I can legitimately feel accomplished, and, who knows, I may settle in tonight (while we watch the Pats play the state final football game) and make a few more.  I might even begin to ooze accomplishment (or maybe that's just the blister from the glue gun...).

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  1. Those snowflakes are gorgeous!!!! I'm impressed with your paper folding skills!! Make one for me, please...