Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Photo

I know you are probably all tired of looking at my kitchen, but I finally found a good "before picture" of our old stove.  You know, that old drop-in, directly-wired-into-the-wall stove that only had one working burner?

And now...

Now, come on.  You all can't tell me you're tired of seeing before and after pictures of my kitchen now, can you?


  1. All I know is I need one of those teapots!

  2. I'm not tired of it! You have done such a fabulous job in that room!!!! I love the gray and white. And it's just now hit me that you changed your blog header to gray & white [on purpose?] to match the kitchen :)

  3. I need you to come to MY house and do some magic!! Everything looks beautiful!