Thursday, May 3, 2012

Two For The Price of One

Painted rooms, that is.  At the end of my post yesterday, I mentioned that after painting the kitchen I still have a little over a half gallon of beautiful, gray paint.  Well, seeing as to how we're so fond of gray around here, I decided that while I had the paint and since all of my supplies were already out anyway I may as well go ahead and paint Little Man's room.  

I have been dreaming of this room in gray ever since I first saw the house in November of 2010.  When we closed on the house a few weeks later, I just knew that within a couple of months that green would be singing it's swan song.  It did not.  We decided to do other things instead.  Like tear out all of the carpet.  

Gray, gray, gray.  It's a sophisticated color that can grow with a little boy, whereas that green is not.  Lime green is a cute little color for a temporary nursery, and goodness knows Little Man loves the color green, but it's just not what I envisioned for his growing up space.  

 Very bright.  Very friendly.  And very much age-specific.  When he's 10 years old, this green will no longer be awesome.  A nice shade of gray, however, can be a sophisticated but cute nursery, a handsome room for a little boy, and a classy space for a teenager to study.  Don't you think?

Chore chart by Melissa and Doug.

 Give us a couple of weeks and there will be a floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcase where this white shelf is.

You'll be seeing these switch plates pop up in all of the rooms of the house over the next few months.  I just love them!

This room feels so much calmer to me now.  The green was bright and fun, but this light gray says relaxed and restful.  

Four hours after I started, I had the room done and about six drops of paint left in the bottom of the can.

Who in their right mind could waste six drops of paint?  Not me!  But what to do with it??

Why, tape off that ivory-colored, framed dry erase board from the kitchen and paint it, of course!

Dingy-looking before:

Blending-in After:

It works.  I'm still trying to decide what to use as an accent color in the kitchen (goldenrod, anyone?), and I think this is nice for now.  Not to mention I didn't throw out those six drops of remaining paint!

So, for the measly price of painting one room, I was able to paint two rooms and a dry erase board frame.  I just saved us $30!  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do two for the price of one in the painting world.  


  1. And so speedy to boot!!!
    It's all so pretty and fresh looking - Although, I did love the green, you are so right about the gray being a color that is more appropriate for Little Man as he grows up... Btw, I recently saw this - grAy is how it's spelled in America
    grEy is how it's spelled in England. I do believe you'd asked... ;-)
    I vote for golden rod accents! But did you know that combo is retro? I remember it so from from the 70's... if not before, even...

    1. I did wonder what the difference was. Thank you!

  2. Awesome! What kind of finish is that paint? We cannot seem to get a room with one coat, using eggshell finish. I refuse to use flat paint, which is what our house came with, ugh.

    His room look amazing, what a difference the gray made! Love it!

    1. Kelly, I did use flat, but it's Valspar's Ultra Premium scrubbable paint. I used it in our bedroom back in the fall and tested it for it's "scrub-ability." I was pleased enough with it to use it in the kitchen.

  3. Love it. Our little man's room is gray, too, for the very same reasons! ;)