Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Summertime Treat

Little Man has been helping me in the kitchen lately.  He mostly just cuts up his plastic food and plays in the dish water, but it is a start.

With all of the heat and high temps lately, I've been wanting to keep food light, simple, and cool.  

One easy (and tasty) way to do this is with frozen fruit and yogurt pops.  You can really make these any way you choose, but I put in 1 banana, 3 or 4 sliced strawberries, some Smooth and Creamy Strawberry Yogurt, and unsweetened applesauce.  Mash it all up until it is relatively smooth and pour into freezer pop molds.  They work great as a dessert or even for breakfast.  I am a firm believer that once it is above 90 degrees outside, one should quit eating oatmeal.  At least quit eating it every morning.  


  1. Looks pretty yum to me! I sure would eat one for breakfast! And I stopped eating oatmeal every morning last month when it really was too warm to consider cooking it from scratch.

  2. Yum!

    I grew up with a sliced banana in the center of the pop, and apple juice frozen around it.