Monday, May 28, 2012

Some Art for the Little Man

Back in 2009 when we learned we were expecting a little Chadwick, I decided to go with green and brown for our nursery colors.  I felt those colors would work nicely for either a girl or a boy, and I'm not a big fan of strongly gender-specific nurseries anyway.  That year at Thanksgiving (after we found out the gender and decided on a name), my mom and I painted these letters to place over his crib.  

*And as a side-note, you should absolutely click on the link above to visit my mom's cookie blog.  She's so talented!*

Two years and two moves later, they were still brown and green.  After painting Little Man's room to make it feel more "grown up", I felt the letters needed a bit of aging as well.  I simply went with a classic white, which really makes the letters "pop" on the wall.

His room also has an awkwardly narrow wall between the closet and the bedroom door.  I've never really known how to fill it out, so it's had several different looks over the past year.

To demonstrate a couple:

Both of them are really too small to fill the space.

As you know, a while back I got those wonderful boxes full of free photo frames, so, naturally, I began there.  I knew I wanted to take some paint chips and make a quilt block out of them, but past that, I had nothing specific in mind.  

After perusing the World Wide Pinterest, I opted for a version of the pinwheel quilt block.  To be perfectly honest, I wanted this to be a quick and easy project, meaning that the only thing I really wanted to cut was the colored pieces.  I needed something to help fill in the blanks, however, and since I'm too lazy tired and busy to read the paper in a timely manner, it had been sitting on the dining table for no less than three days.  In walks inspiration.  

Not too shabby, huh?

It did look a little lonely, though.

 So, I picked out two more quilt blocks, grabbed some more paint chips, and went to town.

They make a nice little trio, don't you think?

They fill out that space on the wall well, and now there's more art (and color) up in his room besides the two maps.

Very simple, FREE, and cute to boot!


  1. Good grief, they ARE SO STINKIN' CUTE!!! I love the NOAH in white!

  2. Gorgeous! What a lovely project!