Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's a Numbers Game

216:  The number of (free to me) plants I planted yesterday.  I know, right?  Thanks so much, Woodards!

217:  The number of weeds I pulled yesterday.  I do not say this in jest.  I'm pretty sure it really was 217.

1:      The number of 4-leaf clovers I picked yesterday.  If you pick a 4-leaf while weeding, the weeds don't come back, right?

57:   The number of cars that drove by and saw my rumpus sticking out in the air because my legs were      too tired to keep squatting and standing up and squatting and standing up.

2:     How many gardening gloves I should have but don't.

0:     The number of times I swept potting soil off the porch.  But, honestly, with that carpet it truly doesn't matter.

1:     The number of times I got stung.

3:     How many hours Little Man napped.  Seriously, dear readers, this is how I get stuff done.

6:     Gallons of water hauled to and poured on all of my new (FREE) plants.

3:     How often I've visited Urgent Care in the last 10 weeks for my ears.  Completely irrelevant to this post.

2:     How many hanging baskets I have that are technically too small.  However, I already had them.  And our mantra is "Use What you Have".

I took extra care to make double sure all of my before pictures were taken with Instagram and most of  the afters with my "real" camera, because the worse a before shot looks, the better the after pictures look.  Correct?

Anyway, here are the before pictures:

And after:


  1. Yay for the Woodards giving you plants - they are so generous! And your flower beds will be beautiful in a few days with all those blooms. Where did you get the plant stands on the porch? They look great beside the front door.

    1. The plant stands and pots came from Lowe's.