Tuesday, May 15, 2012

While We're At It

Yesterday, I showed you how I had rearranged the living room to make it a little more "cozy".  It still needs a rug and a table and two arm chairs, but, hey, for now it's more cozy.  Well, while I was in the mood to move things around the house (which apparently is a chronic condition of mine), I thought I would tackle the wall in the den by the built-ins.  At Christmas, I took an old window frame we got for free from the Chadwick farm, and used it to display my grandmother's vintage Shiny Brights.  After Christmas was over, however, I didn't really know what to do with it.  So, I just threw some random stuff on the wall and called it a day.

It's really been bothering me.  I didn't like it when I put it up, and it never grew on me.  So, naturally, I decided to move it.

It helps fill out Little Man's new corner, but it left me with two big empty spaces.  One here, in the living room where the painting of the violin used to be,

and one here in the den.  I'm currently looking for things I can get for free or cheap to put on top of the piano to help fill it out (spray paint can work wonders), but I really wanted to go ahead and tackle the wall in the den.

I opted for the same technique I used for the art over the tub in the guest bath.  Free frames, slap on a little white paint, old paint chips, and a circle punch.

And, voilá!  I used different shades of gray for the majority of my circles, with only four colored ones mixed in on each frame.

It's really one of my favorite projects so far.  They fill out the wall so nicely, and the white is so crisp and bright.  I made sure to leave enough empty space at the bottom of the wall so I could get a narrow entryway table (eventually).  Much better than that haphazard frame situation.  Don't you agree?


  1. I like the gray with the different contrast colors. It worked very well! I think I need a circle punch..

  2. Very nice. Perfect for that spot.

  3. Hey, I saw that wall on Sunday and thought it looked really snazzy! But I was too tired to mention it to you.