Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Front

So picture with me:  two large plants in two huge planters on either side of the door.  Dark brown shutters.  White porch swing.  Huge ferns hanging between each set of columns (three ferns total).  Window boxes placed on the front windows with brightly colored flowers.  Ugly carpet gone, concrete restored and stained?  Painted?  

What do you think?  Mr. Chadwick and I are going to spend the summer and early fall searching out deals to get this porch looking good.  Do you have thoughts on what kind of plants to get?  Some kind of small evergreen, perhaps?  What color should the shutters be?  Dark brown?  Something light?  We would LOVE feedback!


  1. I think the flower boxes at the windows would be so cute! I'm guessing that the porch swing will be hung at the end of the porch by the den window? I don't know about evergreens in planters but here is a link to a porch with some really fabulous pots of plants:

    Sounds wonderful to me! I wold pain the porch floor after you get that carpet off, if that's possible.

  2. I like the vision- especially the swing. I'm zero help in the plant department! Our house has full sun all day and all of our plants fry. Curious to track the carpet removal/concrete restoration. We've been looking into that for our porch as well.

  3. Is the front getting full sun? That will determine what kind(s) of plants to put by the door. We have full sun at the front, and we've been successful as long as we water almost daily! No luck with ferns in full sun! I love the idea of the swing and cleaning up that concrete. I would not paint it, however. That means maintenance for years to come.

  4. I like to get the Kimberly Ferns to put in urn type pots. They grow more up than a boston fern. Of course they would be good only during spring thru late fall or depending on how cold the winter gets. I did keep mine this winter at our business and it is doing great!!